Start date: 01/01/2010
End date: 31/03/2011

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This section is for the eCert system development, and its related subprojects. Details of the eCert design can be found under the Publication section.

All codes here are available for you to use in your projects under the new BSD license.

Code library

The core of eCert system is a code library, providing basic supports for the eCert issuing, management, and verification system development. The code library is built in Java, with the programming environment of J2SE 1.6.

The eCert code library includes a number of features that meets the requirements of the eCert deomostrator development:

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eCert demonstrator

A web interface demonstrator has been produced on top of the code library. The system is developed in MyEclipse Enterprise Workbench 8.5, and implemented using JSP, JavaScript (jQuery), and MySQL for database. The website provides the user interface for the issuing, management, and verification systems, with calls to the code library for functional supports. All web pages share a common interface design for system consistent, with different colour scheme to distinguish the three systems in between. Different pages are rendered by loading different sub-pages in the menu and content areas using the Ajax technologies.

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online demo system



eCert in ePorfolio

The evaluation for the use of eCertificate in ePortfolio was carried out as a GDP (group development project), by 4 Master degree computer science students, under a subproject named Integrating eCertificates within ePortfolio Systems.

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eCert for eID

The evaluation for the use of eCert protocol in other domains was carried out under a subproject named eCert with Mobile eID. This subproject invested the features of eIDs and mobile environment, compared eCertificate Vs eID, proposed a working solution for a mobile eID system that managed by the eCert protocol.

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